I'm inspired to be learning how businesses work at the intersection of Finance, Technology, Data, and People. And I hope to apply my learnings in building a successful investment portfolio that performs well through market volatility.

What it does

Our portfolio has 80% stocks, 5% bonds, 5% real estate, and 10% accounts. $1M of ASX stock was bought, along with $100k of Apple AA+ bonds. ASX is an environmentally friendly, international country, so it fits perfectly with the requirements. I invested $100k in bonds because of the inverse relationship it plays with stocks.

How I built it

Through hours of research by finding the correct stock. I looked at the P.E ratio, long-term benefits, market cap, and volume as well. After analyzing data, graphs, and the facets of the company, I chose the ASX stock. For the bond, I chose Apple AA+ bonds on the Charles Schwab website because of the reliability of Apple.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the correct stock was the biggest challenge I ran into. I had to find a stock that was good long-term, with the requirements I had listed above. At one point I thought I found the perfect stock, but the website didn't even exist for that company. It was back to research from then, and a couple of hours later, I was able to find the perfect stock.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding the correct stock and bond, after hours and hours of research. I also felt very accomplished after finishing the report because of the amount of detailed writing required. Also, finishing the entire project felt amazing.

What I learned

I bolstered my knowledge about the stock market a little bit more, and I was able to analyze more patterns within the stock market. I was able to learn some terms from the competitor resources page as well, which I read before starting the challenge.

What's next for StockWarrior Portfolio

I am looking into investing in Cryptocurrency to further diversify my portfolio. I'm also continuing to learn about international and emerging markets.

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