Stockular is a Chrome extension that highlights S&P 500 company names and provides real-time stock quotes for those companies.


Over 300,000 traders use the Bloomberg Terminal to get real-time financial market data via the console. While other chrome extensions that pull financial data do exist, they use only publicly available data, which is constrained by a 15-minute-delay. Our target users cannot afford to wait 15 minutes. Unfortunately, Bloomberg's accurate data never enters the space of the web, perhaps due to the difficulties of using Bloomberg’s proprietary TCP-based protocol.

Our extension allows these traders to gather real-time data about companies without ever needing to leave their current web page. Upon hovering over any company in the S&P 500, they see updated financial information about that company. In the process of developing our app, we implemented a RESTful API backend to help other developers use Bloomberg's data for the web.

Target Users

Our target users are those who subscribe to Bloomberg Terminal. The key values underlying our application are immediacy and accuracy. Our target users cannot afford to rely on the delayed financial data provided by other apps.

Key Features

1. RESTful API backend

  • The Bloomberg API uses a proprietary TCP-based protocol to transmit data.
  • We took this protocol and piped it through our code in order to create a JSON backend, allowing the data to be compatible with the web.

2. Oculus Rift

  • We have an Oculus Rift demo that uses Three.JS to deliver an immersive stock view.

3. Featured money news from USA Today

  • We integrated with the USA Today API to deliver the most recent news on the market
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