We believe (following Peter Bernstein and others) that stocks are invariably priced efficiently with respect to one another (we make no claim as to whether stocks as a whole are priced efficiently). Exceptions to this intra-market efficiency exist, but are inevitably fleeting.

There is a tremendous need for intelligent software that can scan a large number of stocks and rapidly filter down to a subset of what we call “stocks in motion” – stocks that are moving in unusual ways, and are therefore worthy of investigation by an active investor.

This mobile application scans large numbers of stocks in real-time, and highlights stocks showing unusual price or volume patterns in order to allow investors to take advantage of short term trading opportunities.

Video Link iPhone – http://www.vimeo.com/13208301

Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Market-wide Significant Developments Updates
  • Consensus Broker Estimates
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