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Checking stocks I bought or care about is my daily routine. However, there's no existing skill that keep track of all the stocks I care. In addition, it's super difficult for Alexa to recognize stock tickers spelled out accurately, as most of the existing stock look up skills are doing.

What it does

Stocks portfolio tracker empowers users to easily add a list of stocks they care by saying the company name instead of spelling out the stock tickers. Then it can brief ups and downs of the stocks tracked. As simple as that.

Challenges I ran into

One particular challenge is that how to fuzzy match a stock through the company name. For example, if you want to track "Amazon", the actual company name is "Amazon Inc", but Stocks portfolio tracker is smart enough to know this is the one you are asking. Stocks portfolio tracker also handles ambiguous name naturally. For example. if you track "Dow Jones Industrial Average", there are multiple stocks: "SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average" and "Powershares Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend Portfolio". In this case, you can simply follow up with "SPDR" or "Dividend", and Stocks portfolio tracker will be smart enough to know what do you mean.

What's next for stocks portfolio tracker

In addition to polish the user experience, I plan to add "news about my stocks" so that users can learn what are the top headlines for the stocks they care.

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