We're always thinking of ways to make people's live more convenient and efficient. As such, one manifestation of that viewpoint is this project that helps people involved with finances and stocks.

What it does

The chat bots give intelligent, detailed financial information and analysis. It can also analyze an image for a logo and identified the associated company.

How we built it

  • Microsoft Bot Framework + for the Messenger/Slack/Email bots
  • Blackrock API for financial information
  • Google Cloud Vision API for logo analysis
  • Linode and Heroku for bot/server hosting ## Challenges we ran into Navigating the Blackrock site and figuring out what features were available, what they meant, and how to access them. Additionally, getting the bot to accept an image took a little while. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Building a great analytics platform. ## What we learned How to use new bot platforms, Blackrock APIs, and Linode hosting. ## What's next for Even more analytics features as well as expansion to more platforms.

Built With

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