The current process for managing distributor invoices, order inventories, and purchasing relationships for small restaurant owners is nothing short of a paper-based nightmare. Restaurant owners are legally required to keep invoice documents for seven years, as well as juggle every conceivable flavor of paper record for distributor contracts, purchase order confirmations, and supplier contact sheets. This antiquated process presented us with an opportunity to leverage DocuSign e-signatures and the Google Cloud infrastructure platform to build an easy-to-use mobile solution.

What it does

Stockpyl is a mobile application that comprehensively manages the restaurant-supplier process. It saves and formats legal paperwork and licenses for restaurant owners during sign in, and makes establishing relationships with suppliers as easy as a few taps and a flick. It digitizes the supplier contract process, using DocuSign as a mediation platform for all parties to come to agreements. Finally, it saves invoices for all purchase orders, providing easily accessible purchase histories all saved in the cloud.

How we built it

The app is built on Android 6.0, and utilizes the Google Material Design paradigm for creating intuitive interfaces for ESL business owners.

Challenges we ran into

The sheer scope of managing every facet of the supplier-restaurant relationship presented major engineering challenges. In addition, completely understanding and replicating the purchasing process as non-restauranteurs was no trivial task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that what we've built is great launchpad for future development. While the data is not there yet, we've provided the basic scaffolding and design for how the process will work on both the restaurant and distributor end.

What we learned

React Native is not the answer to everything. Also, the outdated restaurant purchasing process and the associated pain points.

What's next for stockpyl

We hope that DocuSign will continue to provide the great dev support that they did throughout the event as we continue to refine our application into a production build for release.

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