2020 has changed a lot of things for many, including myself. This year is when I started learning more about personal investments and I thought it would be interesting to build a small device that could help me see the trends in the stock that I'm watching more easily. I found that I didn't really like how standard online watchlist takes up so much screen space if I wanted to keep them open all day, so I thought that having a completely separate piece of hardware to replace it would be ideal. I also found that other watchlists wouldn't give me enough real-time information in terms of notifications. From my third-party site I have my watchlist on, I would often get notifications like "Company Z was in the news more than usual today" or "Prices for Company Y increased by X% today" after the market closed. Often I find these notifications to be too late to be beneficial because I wanted more short-term information on trends. When I get the information as it is occurring I can at least think about either buying or selling at that time.

What it does

STOCKnote takes in real-time data for Yahoo Finance as reports it on an OLED display. The display specifically details the stock ticker, price, whether there has been a large change in the stock price in the past 60 iterations, whether the price is accelerating/decelerating over time and the price is gaining/losing. There are also led indicates that correspond to the LED data to make the information more eye-catching. The blue led corresponds to a large change in stock price, green to increasing price and red to decreasing price. The frequency of blinking corresponds to the acceleration/deceleration of change in price where fast blicks show acceleration and slow show deceleration. There is also a button that allows you to skip through the different stocks you are watching.

How I built it

I physically built STOCKnote with a Raspberry Pi 4, an OLED display, some LEDs, a button and a bit of soldering. On the software side, I programmed the script in Python with libraries for Yahoo Finance data scraping and Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I learned more about writing programs in Python, as I had never really written something in this language that used function definitions and classes.

What we learned

I learned how to program the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi and how to print to an OLED display. I also learn more about different libraries in Python and how to use it for more than plotting data or data processing.

What's next for STOCKnote

I hope to continue this project and build a better chassis for it so that it can comfortably sit on my desk. I also want to learn more about Python's data processing with threading, since I think it will run a lot faster with something like that.

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