We wanted to learn how to make a simple web app with Flask as well as learn how to use APIs.

What it does

A user inputs their stock portfolio, indicating which stocks they own and the quantity for each (ex. 5 stocks of AAPL). The website uses current trading data to determine a current day gain/loss amount. Then a happy or sad Spotify playlist is chosen depending on whether or not the user is in the positive or negative for the day, respectively.

How we built it

We used the Flask for the backend and HTML and CSS for the frontend. Flask works with the Spotify API to generate playlists corresponding to the portfolio's daily performance.

Challenges we ran into

Creating user login systems is hard. Also, our team is made up of two non-CS majors, so we learned a lot in the process of building the website! For most of the team, it was the first time deploying a Flask app and using an API.

What we learned.

We learned Flask, Python, web development, web scraping, how to use APIs, Git and GitHub, and teamwork!

What's next for Stockify

Deploy with Heroku!

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