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We wanted to truly create a well-rounded platform for learning investing where transparency and collaboration is of utmost importance. With the growing influence of social media on the stock market, we wanted to create a tool where it will auto generate a list of recommended stocks based on its popularity. This feature is called Stock-R (coz it 'Stalks' the social media....get it?)

What it does

This is an all in one platform where a user can find all the necessary stock market related resources (websites, videos, articles, podcasts, simulators etc) under a single roof. New investors can also learn from other more experienced investors in the platform through the use of the chatrooms or public stories. The Stock-R feature uses Natural Language processing and sentiment analysis to generate a list of popular and most talked about stocks on twitter and reddit.

How we built it

We built this project using the MERN stack. The frontend is created using React. NodeJs and Express was used for the server and the Database was hosted on the cloud using MongoDB Atlas. We used various Google cloud APIs such as Google authentication, Cloud Natural Language for the sentiment analysis, and the app engine for deployment.

For the stock sentiment analysis, we used the Reddit and Twitter API to parse their respective social media platforms for instances where a stock/company was mentioned that instance was given a sentiment value via the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer.

For Reddit, popular subreddits such as r/wallstreetbets and r/pennystocks were parsed for the top 100 submissions. Each submission's title was compared to a list of 3600 stock tickers for a mention, and if found, then the submission's comment section was passed through the Tone Analyzer. Each comment was assigned a sentiment rating, the goal being to garner an average sentiment for the parent stock on a given day.

Challenges we ran into

In terms of the Chat application interface, the integration between this application and main dashboard hub was a major issue as it was necessary to pull forward the users credentials without having them to re-login to their account. This issue was resolved by producing a new chat application which didn't require the need of credentials, and just a username for the chatroom. We deployed this chat application independent of the main platform with a microservices architecture.

On the back-end sentiment analysis, we ran into the issue of efficiently storing the comments parsed for each stock as the program iterated over hundreds of posts, commonly collecting further data on an already parsed stock. This issue was resolved by locally generating an average sentiment for each post and assigning that to a dictionary key-value pair. If a sentiment score was generated for multiple posts, the average were added to the existing value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

A few of the components that we were able to learn and touch base one were:

  • Reddit API
  • React
  • NodeJs
  • Google-Cloud
  • IBM Watson Tone Analyzer -Web Sockets using Socket.io -Google App Engine

What's next for Stockhub

Registered Domains:

-stockhub.online -stockitup.online -REST-api-inpeace.tech -letslearntogether.online

Beginner Hackers

This was the first Hackathon for 3/4 Hackers in our team


The apply is fully functional and deployed using the custom domain. Please feel free to try it out and let us know if you have any questions. http://www.stockhub.online/

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