When the iPhone 6 was revealed, one of our team members came across a website that kept track of Apple's stock prices' highs and lows during their big announcement - and users were able to see how prices rose or fell with each new announced feature. This inspired us to create a web application designed to show real-time stock prices alongside tweets from reliable accounts that users themselves can choose. This application, titled Stocket, will be primarily useful for investors, traders, financial analysts, and economists who are interested in predicting or analyzing the swift trends of the stock market.

Key features:

  • Users can track their own trusted Twitter handles, hashtags, and/or terms
  • Usage of the Bloomberg API to extract stock prices from their database
  • Usage of natural language processing to determine whether tweets have a positive or negative connotation (highlighted red for negative, green for positive)
  • Intuitive and simple user interface

Note: The "screenshots" posted below are sample images of what the expected product should look like (whether loaded on a computer or on a phone). These two images will also be displayed on our "about" page.

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