Users/ Stock market enthusiasts need to rely on paid service for alerts based on technical analysis like stock reaching 52 weeks high, low( which are used in determining support and resistance levels). Various historical analysis algorithms give different suggestions to the user.

What it does

Sends the alerts to user based on below approaches Approach 1: Many analysts believe 52 week high price and 52 week low price are key in determining support and resistance of a stock Approach 2: Many analysts believe that determining trend can also give lot of insights in giving a buy or sell call. So, a stock gaining more than 10% or losing more than 10% in last week traded will give us the trend which stock is currently in.

How we built it

By automating money control web application using UiPath

Challenges we ran into

Data Capture

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an end to end solution that is highly scalable

What we learned

Various business aspects of Stock Markets. Features of UiPath

What's next for StockCrawlers

Integrate with ML algorithms to make predictions based on historic data

Built With

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