What it does

Simply, it takes in 2 parameters: Which sector you want to invest in, and how much capital you're willing to invest. The application creates a list of stocks, including their price / target price / summary / and recent press news. No frills way for those new to investing to get started and learn about their options.


We recently had our first experiences with investing via. RobinHood. It's quite exciting to invest in companies you want to support (and see your money grow with their success too (;). However, RobinHood did not offer any way to learn about stocks-- you would essentially need to already know about that company. I wanted to invest in companies that were contributing to sectors I cared about (like AI / biotech / health services).

I found difficulty when researching on my own to find similar stocks to those I was already investing in / were similar in sector & purpose. StockBuddy is a ~16 hour hack that attempts to resolve some of these pains.

Challenges we ran into

Strangely, the issues we faced were the things we expected to go smoothly. To put it in perspective, the 3 web scrappers we made and a separate data retrieving API took only ~2-3 hours to implement. The rest was fixing bugs in our UI. It took us ~1.5 hours to fix a javascript bug where it wouldn't upload the changes unless we changed the document's name, and then another ~2 hours to fix a bug where the articles we parsed somehow had weird non ASCII characters (which broke our 'results' page entirely).

In general it was hard to plan at first given our time constraint on which approach would be best, and what we could deliver as an MVP.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of / what I learned

I've never touched web-dev before or used flask / bootstrap / pandas-data reader / jinja / beautiful-soup and I'm happy that I forced myself to learn all these useful tools during this event.

What's next for StockBuddy

We would like to continue working on StockBuddy (maybe give it a new name too?). The next upgrade would be creating a database to store all the stock info so we wouldn't have to use our web scrapers every time a user submitted a request (it takes about ~3-4 seconds to get the data on each stock... yikes)

In addition, a FAQ page /general resources page would be nice that could answer common questions to help make investing less intimidating.

We would also like to implement more custom features, like filtering based on what you're investing in now / providing information on how 'risky' a stock is / and overall improve the UI.

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