Do you want to make some quick and easy money? Do you want to keep track of your stock from anywhere at anytime?

With Stockaholic, you will be able to keep track of your stock and have the ability to manage your stock at any time and anywhere using the BoilermakeBadge! Stockaholic updates you with real-time data based on Bloomburg's assortment of rich data. The foundation of Stockaholic is based on hardware and time series analysis! We calculate a local, or current, volatility of the stock based on a time-series analysis of the stock prices of the day up to the current time. We also calculate a conditional mean to use for the local average sale-price of the stock. We calculate a volatility and mean of a larger prior time-period that is used for a comparison. This comparison is used to make an informed decision with selling securities. There is the obvious comparison, mean price (long-term and short-term) versus the current price; but we also compare the volatility of the security, which is an indicator if it is safe to sell. Data visualization is always the hot field at stock market. It helps both investors and stock broker to make decision. Based on the real stock data and our big data analytics, we're able to do some data real time stock value graph.

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