Welcome to Olé. Olé is a free chrome extension built to increase accessibility to the stock market. With Olé, you can look at valuable information of any stock mentioned on any website, share them with friends, and create your own watchlists.

According to "The Geography of Stock Market Participation: The Influence of Communities and Local Firms" link , Only one-half of U.S. households invest in the stock market, that means nearly 146.4 million persons are being left out.

In addition, the people that are investing are often confused when looking at the regular stock market charts, therefore we decided to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Here comes Olé💰.
Our goal is to facilitate stock tracking by making charts be more accessible on a day to day basis. All you have to do is while reading articles if any ticker shows up for example "AAPL" the chrome extension will show the stock chart and provide a button to add it to your portfolio. We obtain all the data we need from the ticker using multiple endpoints provided by IEX Cloud (more below)

What it does ⚙️

  • Free chrome extension, easy to install
  • Identifies any stock mentioned in the current web page
  • Displays historical stock data
  • Allows to create personal portfolio

Technologies Used 🧰

  • React.js
  • Recharts
  • IEX Cloud
  • Google Cloud Firebase
  • AntD

and... a lot of git branches and pull requests! 🌳

How We Built It 🛠️

  • Developed an interactive stock chart
  • Developed an elegant UI using antd and react-bootstrap
  • Used IEX API to populate charts using the endpoints: historical, quote, intraday, company and logo
  • Developed a custom individual portfolio feature with Firestore

Challenges we ran into 🚧

  • Selecting the correct data from IEX
  • Had problems setting up the URL parameters for a GET but a mentor was able to guide us
  • Adding additional information such as company logo
  • We passed the limit for the free tier of IEX Cloud so we all had to make a separate account 49,961 messages used
  • Using bootstrap-react (do not recommend)
  • Lots of sleep-deprived bugfixing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of 🌟

  • Learning about IEX cloud and all their amazing endpoints
  • Creating an elegant user interface that anyone can use
  • Creating the stock interactive map
  • Saving individual portfolio in Firestore
  • Finished a working prototype
  • Implementing the portfolio feature
  • Collaborating as a team REMOTELY

What's next for Olé🚀

  • Expand the chrome extension into a platform where people are able to share their portfolios.
  • Automated notifications when stock reaches a specific value
  • Hover based charts, hover the stock ticker instead of clicking on chrome extension

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