As investors ourselves, we were inspired to create a tool that people can use to determine if a specific stock would be a good buy to hold for the foreseeable future (5 years +) following the Buffett-Munger philosophy and hand-picking key ratios and data in line with that.

What it does

Gives an overview of a specific stock with plenty of data visualization that otherwise may have confused and intimidated beginners when attempting to evaluate stocks on a pure number method. There's also a candlestick chart at the end for the technical analyst :)

How I built it

It was built using a mix of reactJS, chartJS, react-bootstrap and plenty of API calls to gather financial data from companies

Challenges I ran into

Because most of us haven't used chartJS, the hardest part was actually creating the charts and properly visualizing the data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The overall work that we made and the final product as well as the challenges we managed to overcome

What I learned

Most of us have been working in teams for as long as we can remember, but I think we learned a lot to cover each other’s weakness to some degree.

What's next for stock-valuation

We are definitely planning to continue this over the next year and continue improving the UI and it is a tool I am planning to be able to use in picking my stocks and screening before reading its Form 10-K!

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