Stock ticker helps you fetch live stock information right inside Confluence. This macro uses the Alpha vantage API to fetch live stock trading information. The info is then dynamically converted into SVG and displayed.

I have added different styles for stocks in positive as well as negative trends. This macro saves time for anyone who wants to keep track of stock prices inside Confluence.

What it does

It fetches live stock trading value (stock price, percentage change etc) using various APIs. This information is then converted into SVGs and then encoded in base64 form for display. There are 2 different types of SVGs for positive and negative trend of stocks.

How I built it

I build this using Atlassian Forge. The macro is deployed on Confluence server. The macro is coded using node.js/typescript. Stock trading APIs like Alpha Vantage is used to fetch live trading values.

I also created SVGs using sketch tool, and then used code to update it for stock prices.

Challenges I ran into

Forge UI elements did not allow adding custom CSS, however I found a workaround by creating dynamic SVGs.

What I learned

I leant working with Forge API, UI elements and also deploying apps to various atlassian platforms.

What's next for Stock Ticker

I want to display even more stats for the stock symbols, and also give user the option to customize what information is displayed.

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