The idea behind this comes from this article: which talks about an ideal "Algorithm builder" specifically for trading. Many traders who don't really know how to program want to write custom methods to optimize their trading methods, but don't know how. We were inspired by this article to make a drag and drop type of interface (kind of like MIT Scratch) where you build your algorithm by putting the pieces you want together. After you have created it, you can easily track your trading performance based on what you just built.

What it does

As of right now, we have the performance tracking all built in our demo. When you log on, you can create orders for a particular ticker, and it will appear in your order queue for this day's trades. You can also cancel any order that you have made and the queue will be updated accordingly.

How we built it

Stock Stalker was built using React, Node.js, CSS3 and supported by Heroku. We also used the Alpaca API which captured the real time financial data displayed in the app.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to get the drag and drop functionality ready for demo because we spent a lot of time trying to learn React and how to implement the various features. Hence, we only got so far with our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how far we got given the time, and that we are able to present a working live demo. And the fact that it was built in frameworks we were unfamiliar with before is a great accomplishment. We also learned a lot of new cool stuff over the weekend.

What we learned

-How to use React -Some stuff about Stocks -We explored some new tools and frameworks

What's next for Stock Stalker

We want to get the drag and drop functionality down, so that the user can specify before hand exactly what kind of trading process they want. Now that we have learnt so much about React and the API over the weekend, hopefully we can use those tools to continue on and implement those features.

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