The Inspiration...

  • Started investing a year ago and read a few books that taught the basics and the ins and outs of the stock market
  • Books recommended using a watchlist in excel to keep track of currently owned and potential stocks
  • Would use the excel sheets to note down all of the important key statistics of the company
  • This was one of the tools used to help make an investment decision into a stock
  • Inputting the data for every stock is time consuming, without programming knowledge the price will not update automatically
  • Hard to make easy side-by-side comparisons among the stocks

Target User

  • A non-professional investor
  • The end user is a retail investor and has taken the time to gain knowledge about the stock market
  • Making initiative to invest in stocks and conducts research about the companies
  • Do not have to be technical, hack is usable by a diverse group of people

The Hack

  • Single paged web application built on the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Nodejs) stack, native experience with no refreshing
  • Add watchlists to your "slate" which will contain similar stocks in the same industry
  • Adding a stock to a watchlist will populate a table with key fundamentals of the company, grabbed from the Bloomberg API
  • Sort stocks on each list by the different fundamentals
  • Algorithmically generate Investor Scores (based on successful strategies used by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, etc...) to easily evaluate stocks for investment potential
  • When Investor Scores are applied, table metrics are updated to display the metrics the model investor uses in their analysis

Why it matters?

  • The end user doesn't need to spend insane amounts of time populating their excel sheets
  • Can use an application that is more user friendly, providers features that are investing focused
  • Relative comparisons between stocks are useful and can easily sort the stocks by a certain metric
  • Investor Scores are a powerful yet simple evaluation method that will help the investor make more informed decisions and view their potential picks through new perspective

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