Think about the most intimidating thing you can... I can guarantee it's less intimidating than starting to look and plan for your finances, specifically how you want to start investing. We all know of the stock market and investments, but how many of us actually believe anything there is ever going to be applicable to us, especially as young students? The thing is investing is actually something everyone can and should do! The aim of our project is to help people over that first hump and show them that planning, investing, and starting to become finically literate will not only lead to independence but will help make and save you money in the long term. We also want to make investing an engaging topic to learn about, and provide a little entertainment on a pretty stressful journey, but one we should all take.

What it does

The web app has a few sections, the main section comes in the form of a webpage where you get a lot of initial information about the facts that we found were most necessary to know when you're starting to invest. From this page you're able to download the body of our game, where you meet two characters ready and willing to teach you about investing, as best as they can! To make things more engaging, you then fill out a little quiz just to see if you've retained some information from the website and mini lesson. But what's the point of education without action? Which is why our game also provides the user with current data for whichever stock they're interested in, combined with a nice line of best fit so they can start to recognize patterns in close prices.

How we built it

The website was built with html and css, and the game was built fully with a python library called pygame, that specializes primarily in UI additions to most python programs. The characters were also drawn by our team.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we had planned on participating in Hack Western as a team of three, unfortunately we ended up competing as a team of two. Not only was the very unexpected but the difference between three people and two people is nothing to brush off. Regardless of our lack of members, we were genuinely able to build something we're proud of and in the end had a great time hacking! In terms of technical challenges, not only is pygame a little outdated but it's also not suited for user input, so we struggled to properly obtain user input for several components of the project. Additionally, the combination of all the elements proved to be a lot harder than we thought and it took us several attempts to fit each component together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our very first python graphical user interface, which was out of our comfort zone in the sense that there was a fair amount of learning new content and applying our experience from other graphical programs. Additionally, we were able to work with lots of fun designs and animations that made things not only more fun for the user and us!

What we learned

Like financial literacy, the creation of a stock program takes patience and practice! In all seriousness, not only did we get a crash course in time and workload management with only two people but we learned vital skills in presenting educational content. We also expanded our knowledge about workflow, simultaneous processes in python, and honed our graphic design skills.

What's next for Stock Overflow

We are aiming to expand our "action" component, currently we provide interesting statistics but no next steps for our user. In the future we want to expand how people can take action with their personal banks. We also wanted to implement a budgeting component, as investing and budgeting are two sides of the same coin. Financial literacy can be improved in countless different ways, so there's so much potential for expansion!

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