This project is a website which provides users with a live stocks and crypto data and allow them to mock a trading platform and practice their trading skills. We were very interested in stock and crypto market but did not know where to start which inspired us to make a very simple plug and play website.

What it does

It provides the user with live stocks and crypto trading data and gives them a virtual wallet to enable them to practice trading skills. All the data is realtime with the current markets so the user can use other resources to predict the trend of the stock.

How I built it

The project is split into 3 parts. It has a React frontend, A node, express, Mongodb backend and has an independent websocket for the live trade data. All authentication and transactional data is processed by the API when the react app hits the API endpoints for it. It uses a token based authentication using JWT and google Oauth as a user identifier.

Challenges I ran into

  • Find a free api to get live data.
  • How to show the data graphically, (first we one, but while implementation, we got to know it was incompatible with react.
  • We needed to make all the function async, to recieve the data.
  • Get the live trading data to perform transactions on the wallet and integrating googleOauth and JWT.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I implemented the standalone sdk of trade charts.
  • The transactional system works with data accurate to 1s and is able to maintain a user wallet for every currency and stock user has.

What I learned

  • We learnt a lot about using async function.
  • We learnt how to provide realtime data to the user through a socket.

What's next for Stock Market Monitor

Stock and crypto predictions and user trade pattern recognition to recommend users stocks according to their trade style. Add support for stocks, forex and commodity as we only added support for crypto because the markets are closed during the whole duration of the hack.

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