Always been fascinated by the stock market and how traders make money in it. Dipped my toes in and enjoyed the temperature. Hopefully I can pursue the code further and deepen my understanding of how the markets move.

What it does

This is a trading simulator with one strategy built in. Other strategies could be added and run against Alpha Vantage data to find more patterns and learn more about the markets.

How I built it

First I gathered stock data, came up with an idea of how to make money like a day trader and implemented a strategy after building the support work to keep track of profit/loss.

Challenges I ran into

I learned three new packages, learned basic manipulation of some pandas data frames, getting the code to generate profit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that it's working and that I can continue building after the hackathon ends and continue learning more about python, market data and patterns

What I learned

Python packages, stock market data, trading strategies, how difficult it is to operate in this space

What's next for Stock Data Trade Simulator and Basic Strategy Implementation

Add plotting, increase exposure to different categories of stocks

Built With

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