• Stock Benefit is an app that shows the share price of stocks that the user wishes to know and invest in.

    Link to the Web App-
    FOR NOW- Search for a stock with exact stock name- like for google, their stock name is "GOOG".
    You are advised- to open the link in a PC/Laptop for better User experience and Design as only the beginning part of the web App is responsive whereas the rest is not ( as the app has been constructed in very little time ).
    You are also advised- to read this entire readme file to understand the importance and efficiency of the app and hurdles faced during the journey.


  • This Web App has been designed as part of a hackathon organized by PES University.
  • The idea we had is to use data from the external API. ( The results page of the web app uses the data to show the stock prices in a tabular form which includes Opening value, Closing value, High value, Low value, and Volume of that particular Stock, which are the data received from the external API ).
  • Also, we provided additional insights that are not directly available through the API. We created a separate User authentication and also a watchlist feature in which a user can add his favorite stock into his watchlist.


  • The web app aims to help those middle-class people to analyze stocks, shares, and the actual market.
  • Thus, enabling them to intelligently invest their savings and make good profits.


  • Good looking UI
  • Web Applications made using an external API ( Alpha vantage API ) to get the information.
  • Complete Application for stock trading and analysis.
  • Provides basic information without any login. Furthermore, asking for a login if the user wishes to add a particular stock to his watchlist.
  • A Watchlist feature in which a user can add some stocks into his watchlist so that it becomes easier to watch them again later.
  • The stock prices are shown with statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Thus, giving a broad overview to the user whether to invest in a particular stock or not.
  • Separate User login for different users helping them have an eye on their interesting stocks.


  • HOME PAGE- A good looking scrolling home page is designed with good stock related suggestions and quotes.
  • SEARCH PAGE- A user can search for his stock to analyze and later invest.
  • RESULTS PAGE- The price of that particular stock user searches appears here as a result.
  • LOGIN PAGE- If the user wishes to add the stock to his watchlist the user is asked to log in.
  • SIGNUP PAGE- If the user is a new user, the user is asked to sign up and then login.
  • WATCHLIST PAGE- The stock is now added to your watchlist and watches it as frequently as the user wishes to.

Local Implementation
In case, you want to download the code from our repo and watch things locally, you are first advised to

  • install node and mongo
  • Then create and use your local database.(Since we used a cloud-based server- Mongo Atlas)
  • Open a node command prompt and go to the directory of this downloaded Stock_Benefit folder.
  • Use npm init to initialize npm
  • You can install the required modules using npm install modulename --save
  • You can go through all the modules we used in the package.json file.

Tests/Exception Handling

  • The exception case was what if the user searches for a stock name that is not a stock symbol. Then we came up with a solution of showing a page of NO RESULT
    For example- The stock symbol for Google is GOOG. It shows this NO RESULT page if you search for a stock name of Google instead of GOOG.
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