The inspiration for us to develop this app was our craze in stock marketing. Stock marketing is nice to earn some money if the right move is made at the right time. One drawback that stock market has is the Limit Buy Option. When we set something to Limit buy, the money gets locked to that trade and can't be used. Hence, if the limit price is not reached, the money just gets on hold. This money could have been used to buying another stock. Here, an app that gives you message notification of your favourite stock comes in handy.

What it does

Message Alert To Buy Stock when it reaches a required price.

How we built it

We used electron and node.js with some stock market API.

Challenges we ran into

We were all new to this thing so it was difficult to learn. Firstly, we came all the way from OleMiss and we were already tired when we reached here. The learning process took a while that really pulled us back on our plan. The app could not be completed to its full functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned Node.js and Electron which was awesome. We learned to integrate APIs on our code which was awesome as well.

What we learned

Hackathon is awsome. (This was my first Hackathon)

What's next for Stock Alert

Will try to finish it with more functionality in coming weekend.

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