I was inspired to create this game by my sister, who overheard people playing it on a train.

What it does

Stinky Pinky is a quiz, with a twist.
A Stinky Pinky, is just the answer to a question.
But for that answer to be a Stinky Pinky, it must consist of 2 rhyming words.
For example, the Stinky Pinky for the clue: “a chubby kitty”, would be: “Fat Cat”.
You get 30 seconds to guess each Stinky Pinky.
But if you know the answer before then, you can interrupt the countdown by saying “Alexa”, then stating your answer.
You can play a single game, or multi-player games of up to 6 people.

There are 2 ISPs:
1 - Extra Questions – this gives you 500+ extra questions, in addition to the initial free 30 questions.
2 - Unlimited Time – this gives you unlimited time to guess the Stinky Pinky on a single player game.

How I built it

I used Node, AWS and Audacity.

Challenges I ran into

I had to do hours of testing to make sure:
1- any speech recognition issues were minimised.
2- the ISPs could be requested at any point without impacting the existing game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. I’ve made each individual game short and snappy to allow casual players to “grab a quick game”.
  2. However, the game also encourages retention and longer playing sessions by rewarding players with new ratings, as they win more games and level up.
  3. I’ve used quality sound effects to build excitement and tension through the game, and to reward players when they win.
  4. This is the first game I’ve built with ISP considered from the beginning. The Upsells are targeted specifically at times when the user is most likely to follow through. So extra questions are offered when they use up their initial 30 free questions, and unlimited time (to answer questions) is offered when the game times out.
  5. The game has the added benefit that even when a player gets the answer wrong, the real answer is often amusing enough to make the player smile and therefore even losing can be a fun experience!

What I learned

This is the first time I've built a skill using the Alexa Presentation Language.

What's next for Stinky Pinky

More question!
I have created a Stinky Pinky Facebook page and have asked users to contribute their suggestions.
I hope this will be a great way to improve the game and to build community and awareness of the game.

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