Recently some of our group members attended a conference in Washington DC. While sharing our resumes with recruiters, one of them mentioned that they simply take picture of it and then throw out the physical copy. This inspired us to create an application that can make the resume sharing process easier and save people from having to waste paper.

What it does

Stingr allows people to upload their resumes, cover letters and transcripts for easy sharing when they attend events with a lot of recruiters. For the recruiters, it allows them to create event groups in order to compile all of the resumes from events that they attend.

How it was built

We made Stingr using XCode. The authentication is done using Blockstack and the files that the user uploads to the application are stored in a self-hosted Parse database.

Challenges faced

Implementing BlockStack into our app Getting Files from user

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made an app with a working backend

What I learned

We learned how to use Parse and connect it to an Xcode app

What's next for Stingr

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