Is there a class-wide inside joke in your econ class? Does your professor have a favorite story he likes to tell ~every class~? Does someone always start their question with "to piggyback off that"? Well, keep track of these events with Stingo! Stingo, also called "Stern Bingo", is an iOS mobile game developed by NYU Stern School of Business students as a fun way to pass the time of those 3-hour courses while still maintaining engagement.

What it does

Stingo is a class-wide bingo game based on real-time class events. When an event happens, players mark off a spot on their bingo card and, after 3-in-a-row, score a bingo!

How I built it

Most of the code is in Swift and python, however the screen shots were designed in Figma

Challenges I ran into

To make the game work in real-time across multiple devices will require a lot of backend planning and careful development. I didn't have enough time to complete this step during the hackathon but I plan to finish this step soon.

What's next for Stingo

Finish building the app and send it to the app store!!!!

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