Current issues in society regarding public mental health and COVID 19 pandemic's effect on the mental well being of the world. Resources like this are important because it enables help that is readily available. Getting help is the first step to a healthier mental state and lifestyle.

What it does (wanted to do)

A webpage that brings awareness to the importance of mental health. Have a questionnaire that intakes input from the user and integrates the input into a python machine learning model to predict if the user has a mental illness, and provides resources for possible help.

How we built it

The webpage was built using HTML and CSS as the main languages and Bootstrap as the framework. TensorFlowJS executable links the questionnaire inputs to the backend python machine learning model. NumPy Keras and Pandas were used to create and train the model from a CSV file on, Author: Rohit Zaman. Pandas was used to read the CSV file, Keras was used to create the Neural Layers, and NumPy was used for math conversions. Lastly, Google Cloud was used to have a VM host an apache2 webserver for the HTML files to be displayed and interacted with.

Challenges we ran into

Mario: Figuring out another way to submit questionnaire to ML code and getting google map to work on site. Jaime: HTML button placement, mapping overall buttons to the correct references Daniel: ML program issues compiling and learning Keras, the dataset was a terrible one such that the model was not very accurate after training Andrew: Domain name from was unable to be integrated using apache webhost

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3/4 team members first Hackathon.

What we learned

ML, Keras, HTML, Git, google-cloud/apache

What's next for Stingers Feelin Down

Next Hackathon

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