Today east Africa's vegetation is being decimated by a massive locust plague. In the US, an estimated 150,000 tons of food is wasted every day (*1). We allow users to purchase leftover food from restaurants and donate 5% to humanitarian aids worldwide to offset the effects of famine, drought, and natural disasters.

What it does

Purchase discounted leftover food from restaurants with your voice and contribute to humanitarian efforts worldwide reducing the effects of drought and famine. We have utilized NVU (Natural Vision Understanding) technology powered by Rowzzy allowing next-generation voice-based shopping with the Ai of your choosing.

How we built it

We have implemented NVU (Natural Vision Understanding) technology utilizing an Alexa skill allowing use to use voice-based commands to control the visual interface. We have implemented the Tomtom Api searching for restaurants in the nearby area of a user's choice.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have implemented Tomtom and Yubico Apis along with NVU (Natural Vision Understanding) technology providing a modern voice shopping experience with a dynamic map and in-app navigation, and purchase authentication with an NFC Yubico key.

What we learned

It's amazing to be able to ask vendors for help with their API in person ;)

What's next for STILL-FRESH



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