We wanted to build something that could help people who deal with anxiety and panic attacks. The generous sponsors at PennApps also offered us a lot of APIs, and we wanted to make the best use of them as well.

What it does

The user can open the app and create a personal account, as well as log emergency contacts for them to call or text in an emergency (ex: panic attack). The user can track the amount of panic attacks they have as well. Finally, should the wish, the user can send their information to a medical professional by sending them a confidentiality document to sign.

How we built it

The iOS app was built on Swift, using the DocuSign API. The website was made using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team mates were attending their first hackathon, and it was their first exposure to a lot of these new technologies (ex: it was Lisa's first time programming in Swift!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating both an app to use and a website to market the app. Everyone used their front-end and back-end skills to make both platforms a reality!

What we learned

Each of us learned something new about a language we didn’t have experience in, like Swift. Since we are all fairly new to hackathons, we learned a lot about working together in a team to create a new project.

What's next for Still

Incorporating more security with the DocuSign API. Track one's medication more accurately using the CVS API and possibly send notifications to take medication.

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