try at already preconfigured username:edoardo password:stigler01

[setup on local machine] git clone install conda ( open terminal (there should be "(base)" at the beginning of the line) conda env create stigler_app --file environment.yml conda activate stigler app cd into stigler_app/stigler_app python migrate python createsuperuser (create a superuser account) python runserver to initialise the database with a few values and login with superuser account click on dashboard click on "import local" (bottom right) database has been filled in with default values from a local excel file logout [finished setup]

available users: -user:alessandra pwd:stigler01 (customer user) -user:olivia pwd:stigler01 (customer user) -user:edoardo pwd:stigler01 (staff user)

everything set now, you can generate a new menu in "Today's menu" or change the target macros in the "User" page

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