I was looking for a fun and useful web application project to work on in a short amount of time that can be nicely fleshed out but could go pretty far given enough time and imagination (which us, students, sometimes really struggle at keeping in balance, unfortunately...)

What it does

It is a team social network/activity management tool that can be used in workplace and school environments alike - as goals and activities can be customized by group. We sprinkled a few default goals and tasks to foster sustainable lifestyle among teams just to illustrate what type of widgets can be added later on and hit up that sustainability challenge :)

How we built it

TDD: adding/testing/adding/testing. Failing. A lot, sometimes because CSS is evil. And then there are new APIs to learn, so it certainly wasn't boring.

Challenges we ran into

Heroku wouldn't allow local storage due to it's nature (running inside containers), so while Chris did end up setting up AWS environment, the project likely won't hit it until later in the day because the environment needs to be configured a lot more rigorously to be deployed to its own server as opposed to a lightweight dyno with devops capabilities

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Definitely wasted too much time fighting with javascript, css and turbolinks - but imo definitely worth it - parallax scrolling is fun :)

What we learned

Sleeping in classrooms is a recipe for a disaster. Every.single.janitor will come in on you, look judgmentally, flicker the light switch to wake you up (at 3 AM!) and ultimately kick you out at 7... What a ride.

What's next for StickyNotes

A whole lot more widgets, actually implement the paid features, play a lot more with bicycling and routing capabilities of, get a good handle on costs and benefits of and try to get it off the ground. I know my coworkers might be interested in something of this sort!

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