Stickygrams was inspired by our desire to communicate small bits of information to our friends, or publicly, in a fun and practical way.

What it does

Stickygrams is a Augmented Reality app created for the HoloLens. Stickygrams allows a user to leave holographic messages to their friends and the public. Using voice controls a user logs into their account, pulls up a menu, picks a hologram, and creates a voice message that will be replaced by text above their hologram.

How I built it

We build Stickygrams in Unity 5.5 using the HoloToolKit. Annie created the back end where we hosted user information and hologram type and location on a server to populate scenes for multiple users. Nina modeled and textured all of our models in Blender. We used Unity Collaborate as our version control.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest problem we ran into was getting all of our HoloLens software up to date and working correctly. Unity 5.5 dropped about a week ago and before that the recommended Unity was 5.4 and a specific build made for HoloLens. Also, Kyle's Windows blew up on him the night before the hack and had a clean install of Windows with no software installed. Besides that, getting shared spaces working in Unity with HoloLens is a bit challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a pretty solid application made in such little time with the challenges we faced. Much of the first night was getting software figured out. We had never used HoloLens prior to this hack. We were pretty happy with what we turned out with those obstacles.

What I learned

AR is going to be really important in the future. Most of us went into this thinking that AR was not very far along and didn't think that HoloLens was that cool based on reviews we had seen. We came out with a much better understanding of the technology and a drive to create more applications with it. We also learned a lot about designing for AR compared to what we are used to which is 3D/2D/and VR games.

What's next for Stickygrams

We would love to continue working on Stickygrams and I can see us continuing sometime in the future. The biggest hurdle is not having access to the HoloLens.

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