Inspiration -

  • Windows default sticky notes, Knotable, Trello

What it does -

  • Creates window's kind of sticky notes on the internet with Beautiful colors.
  • No signin/signup, just create/remember the unique board name.
  • Access it from anywhere, directly with board name.
  • Move notes anywhere in the whole screen in real time. complete screen is droppable area.
  • Unsecure but highly secure if board name is smart and longer :)
  • Some restrictions applied(No more than 10 notes on home page & no more than 50 notes on board for now)

How I built it -

  • By writing in coffeeScript without any coffee or caffeine :)
  • Host OS - windows 8.1
  • Guest OS - Xubuntu on vBox
  • Text editor - Sublime Text 3
  • And Google Chrome

Challenges I ran into -

  • Finding idea was a biggest challenge.
  • Dragging and dropping elements.
  • Content editable div issue on meteor.
  • Poor internet, so deploying was slow :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

  • Writing this markup at 5:05 AM.
  • 16 Hour of continue coding.
  • Build sticky with in a day.

What I learned -

  • Don't spent time in setting up the app from scratch, create a meteor boilerplate and get ready with it next time.
  • How to drag n drop element and update it's absolute position in realtime.
  • How to handle content editable div with meteor.

What's next for stickyboard -

  • Manual Resize feature.
  • Apply more level of security to protect the boards.
  • Real-time saving the content when user edit it, make sure don't burn the servers.
  • Mobile friendly UI support.
  • Make drag n drop more smooth.


  • iron:router
  • coffeeScript
  • stylus

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