We started by looking at how people might be able to learn while they're asleep (by listening to audio), then later realized we couldn't harass people in their sleep. Then we remembered that people also learn well when they hear information through a song or jingles, and thought of all the songs we had learned to remember things. From there, we just started rapping and decided to make something that would turn our point from notes into raps we could listen to all day every day every week and every year and day and hour and minute and stuff.

TLDR; We thought we needed to help these poor university students with exams. This is a great tool for cramming and long term studying.

What it does

Allows you to input "lyrics," or in other words just the notes you typed up during class. Then, you can choose a nice beat the rap will go to, and you'll be presented with a lovely, robotic voice rapping to you!

Challenges we ran into

Having an epiphany with debugging your code then spontaneously falling asleep. Another challenge was making sure the robot didn't have drastic pitch (as in voice) differences. Matching the words in the text (WPM) to the beats per minute in the song (BPM) and adjusting for so. Getting python code embedded in with node.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Waking up before Devpost submissions.
  • Learning how to use python
  • Handling audio for the first time -Putting up with a web app that doesn't even use a web-app developing framework <3

What we learned

  • How to write every single line of code we wrote
  • Each learned new languages (Javascript, Python, Node.js)
  • Sleeping on the big bear is very comfortable!
  • The person who sits across from Carol has a very nice-smelling blanket

What's next for Sticky Tunes

  • Writing tunes apart from raps
  • Having a more sophisticated community, where people can share their notes and individuals can have playlists of songs on an paticular subject.

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