it is my daily problem, keeping my emails and my notes together, i tried many apps but the problem still exists you take a note outside your email client, and can't see it directly within your email message. so back and forth between my email and my notes made us to create something to solve the problem, and since it is useful to me i'm sure it will be useful for others

What it does

the application simply gathers your note and your email in one place with the ability to embed rich media contents similar to facebook posts with the ability to organize your work space to multiple projects and share your notes with your friends so both of you will be able to edit the note like a google document. also you can add all of your notes to your google calendar. the application is handy and mobile friendly too.

How I built it

we built the app using Google app engine PHP we created rest API for the back end and ember.js in the front end, with the power of google infrastructure the application is salable and reliable.

Challenges I ran into

well the main challenge was to make the app handy and to the point so it can solve the real problem, so we had to check multiple apps and come up with this imagination of how the email and note can be in the same place, deploying a zend application over a google application engine wasn't easy enough we ran into lots problems because Google has some rules that was violated by most of the php frameworks, so we had to make sure that the framework will run smoothly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we are proud that we made a tool that will erase our daily pain. and from the technical side we are proud that we could combine the powers of Zend framework , Google App Engine and Ember.js together.

What I learned

we learned how to make PHP apps more Scala and reliable using the Google App Engine.

What's next for Sticky Mail

During the next few days we will lunch new features realted to the note, the user will classify the notes to what are fun and what are boring, and what takes too long time and what can be done in minutes, then sticky will be able to tell them what to do every day. given that Sticky will learn what is fun and what is boring to the user so it will auto classify his notes.

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