The Idea

Last night, I thought about what I had done during my weekend here and realized that I didn't push myself at all. No new libraries, no new languages, just the same stuff I always do. I'm someone that loves to explore new technologies, so I decided to try something new and start a new project despite being 2/3 done with the weekend.

I had been working with Mark on GunDB all weekend, helping him write better documentation and working on identifying ways that the library could be made better and more intuitive. Since I was already a little familiar with it, I decided to use Gun for the database, and that I would do a small Express server to keep things in sync. On the front end, I decided to use Angular, since I've never used it before and thought it would be a good challenge.


I'm a bit todo list person, but I never can come up with a good way to share a list with someone else. I decided to build a simple web service that would generate a new list for any random URL that was accessed on the site, allowing people to create lists permanently associated with an address. The list would be open to anyone with the URL, making it really easy to use Stickies to collaborate with others on things like school assignments or weekly shopping lists.


While my dreams were big, I ran into some serious challenges. First and foremost, Gun really isn't ready, and Mark and I discovered some pretty major bugs and shortcomings. However, I'm really excited to continue to work on Gun with Mark going forward, because I think it has a lot of potential and want to see it grow.

The app mostly works, but there's some serious jankiness with adding a todo and the entire list suddenly disappearing. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it up a little bit before the weekend ends!

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