When the company told me about the printing electronics, I throw it was a great idea. I do have so many applications.

In my free time, I like to practice a lot of outdoor sports like climbing, ski, surfing, etc. One of my dreams is to have a van so I can do whatever I want and park for a weekend or a few days.

One of the problems that there exist with the home vans is the final budget you need not only for the car, also for all the features you need to add to be able to live in the van; hitters, lights, kitchen, sensors, etc.

Implementations Ideas

Ultrasonic sensors

Lights for inside the ban in order to iluminate at night time.

Solar panel

What's next for stickers for building home vans

The next step will be doing a prototype and test it.

Built With

  • story-telling
  • ux
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