I didn't have an idea until like 5pm. I was too busy socialising and getting stickers and putting them on my laptop I wanted to make a game with unusual inputs, and use Unity to build it.

At about 4.30 I realised I wanted to make a controller using my Makey Makey and a sheet of paper. I couldn't find any paper, but I did find a MLH bag.

The whole game theme was built around that, with all the platforms being mlh stickers and the background being my laptop.

What it does

Its a game. some people found it fun, some found it frustrating to play with the terrible controller I built.

How I built it

The paper bag had crocodile clips attached to the side, then i drew thick lines that led to big buttons on it in pencil.

The game was made in unity, I took pictures of some stickers, cut them out in an image editor to give them transparent backgrounds then made them objects in unity.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a decent game in such short amount of time.

What I learned

I have a better understanding of creating 2D games in unity.

What's next for Sticker Jump

Released on the Web for everyone to play

Built With

  • a-pencil
  • firealpaca
  • macbook
  • makey-makey
  • unity
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