Two of us had participated in poi-spinning and glowstringing activities in the past, and when we saw one of the teachers working with Adafruit LED strips, we immediately thought of our past experiences and frustrations with our inability to program our previous devices. So, we decided to make this one and test ourselves as our first hackathon project!

What it does is a programmable prototype performance staff that uses Arduino to code different patterns and images, which can be displayed through spinning.

How we built it

Programmed using an Arduino Uno, we used a PVC pipe, an Ethernet cable, a breadboard, an LED strip, PLA, and copious amounts of tape to create the ultimate performance item. We had to cut and solder many wires as well because of various custom measurements, but overall it was successful.

Challenges we ran into

While one member has coding experience in Python and with Arduino, the other two members had next to no coding experience and none of us have ever been to a hackathon. Needless to say, we had no idea what to expect. We were not sure of what our project was going to be, so we did not bring the necessary power supply (in the demo, it will be tethered by a long cord), and we realized that we had mini-computers and power supplies at our homes as well. The 3D printer that was to print the Arduino case was also malfunctioning for most of the night, so we were pressed by time constraints, and we certainly had an adventure finding a PVC pipe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to get the HackBCA logo colors programmed into the strips, as well as "fire" and "ice" designs, and the soldering and overall doing a hackathon for the first time in and of itself feels like an accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned how to solder wires, how to use Adafruit LEDs, and how to write code for the Arduino to change the colors.

What's next for

Replacing the tether with a portable battery and creating a better handle at the center, as well as wiring a bit better, could be expected next of the

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