The current situation due to the pandemic has inspired us to create stice a platform that strives to help our community

What it does

It helps people complete tasks which they cannot do on their own The user can set a task which gets can be accepted by users nearby who can then complete the task for free or for some money

How we built it

We built the app using android studio and website using flutter

Challenges we ran into

none of knew very high level android studio therefor making it was a huge challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we accomplished what we planned and managed to create an effective platform that can be used by our community in the end of the day we were able to make a difference

What we learned

we learned how to use android studio and also how to make presenattions along with this we learnt many valuable skills such as team work and time managment

What's next for Stice

We want to connect it to firebase database, upload it on play store and create an IOS version we also want to make this global and deploy it in every community so that everyone can get together we also want to create a platform in stice trough which everyone can talk to each other


Please see the link at the bottom

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