We may be engineers now, but we were all artists since birth. Steve KarAoki embodies our musical souls by creating an entirely new spin on karaoke, bringing it from the bar, to the palm of our hands.

What it does

Steve KarAoki searches the lyrics to any popular song and presents them on the screen. These lyrics are then compared with the user's audio when they are singing and provides a percentage score, so that we can make it a fact that anybody can't sing.

How we built it

We use DocuSign's Click API to provide terms and agreement and privacy policy when the website is initially launched. This is to combat concerns that we may be recording this data as we are not and so that we provide total transparency to the user.'s database API was used to search for the lyrics using song name and artist, and this audio was presented onto the page using a Python script. After the lyrics are found, the speech-to-text streaming API was used to dictate what the user sang in real time and then compared with the already found song lyrics using JavaScript to generate a comparison percentage score using levenshtein distance implementation.

Challenges we ran into

Ideally, we would have a hardware component that would be synchronized and provide lighting corresponding to the user's score in real-time. However, we were unable to connect the microcontroller to the website due to the structure of the Python and JavaScript. As a result, this idea had to be scratched.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything. Our code is a series of JavaScript functions inside of an HTML document that is created after the execution of a Python script that is triggered when a button is pressed on a different HTML webpage. The intricate nature of this code and the fact that this was able to run at all with all of the moving cogs and APIs involved is an accomplishment in itself.

What we learned

We learned how JavaScript does and does not function and how for future iterations, Node.js can be used to include a hardware component and send data to the microcontroller.

What's next for Steve KarAoki

Hopefully in our next iteration, we will embody 2019 Jonas Brothers and come back flashier and stronger than ever (and with working lights)

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