When I saw 3d pictures by Truman Ward Ingersoll from the beginning of 20th century I was really impressed how geeky somebody was more than a century ago! And I have decided to make it available for the newest available technology in 21st century.

How it works

You wear Moverio - and you see a set of color stereoscopic photos made more than 100 years ago.

Challenges I ran into

Make it running with 3D interface was a real challenge! Another interesting challenge was invention of revolutionary user interface based on accelerometer instead of touchpad.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We won at Epson Moverio application contest in 11/2014 as best app without AR.

What I learned

I learned greatness and weakness too of Moverio. That was a really fun playing with several uncommon user interfaces for smartglasses.

What's next for Stereo Album "3D-Photos: Russo-Japan War 1904-1905"

We are going to create different sets for 3D-photos

Built With

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