The definition of smart is always expanding. Most of the scientific research domains dive so deep within their field that they often forget about other research fields. Only a well connected complex network of smart cities can sustain for generations. Smart also means not to ignore any fail-case that is either possible or predictable. While the evolving technologies bring many complex entities together, citizens should be able to see the available information together. This has to be easy and inclusive of the basic info to live, survive and sustain, and to be aware of the current proceedings relative to the individual.


Information is the key. The eye of a smart citizen should be able to see everything that is not in the plain sight. The solution is simple; to have a categorized big list. A portal, like Steradian, that can be accessed by anyone that prioritizes info for that geographical area could be a good source to the entire community. Furthermore, Steradian can be integrated to any local websites to be a transparent source of info for the city.

What does Steradian include?

Everything that the citizens should be aware of. At least an index or a directory customized to that citizen/city. For example, a person living in Lawrence should be aware of all the technical aspects of research, available facilities, issues that have a direct or indirect impact either now or in the future. And a smart city should have info on how it addresses critical issues like living, survival, sustainability, and how it correlates with other smart cities leading in a few other fields.

Steradian's goal

Steradian’s biggest target is to categorize required information. It uses multiple APIs, widgets, web-links to show info on current conditions, research info, alerts, feeds, critical updates, necessary news, required action, etc. all integrated into the Steradian portal. This is difficult but possible. Steradian will definitely be required for any human that needs a single stop for info that is key to his local community.


A late night idea out of a frustrated brain thinking of climate change.

What it does

A great idea. If implemented, it can be of great use. There is a webpage with the basic skeleton. Other than showing info, it literally does not do anything more.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating multiple APIs on my webpage

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This idea and trying to make it real

What I learned

To fail, as usual, by setting a big goal

What's next for Steradian

Definitely to keep working on it (really!)

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