After the pandemic, so many small businesses struggle to stay in business because they didn't have a platform to keep selling their products online. This is why I created Stepzen E-Commerce. Giving small businesses the opportunity to sell their products online, without the need of going out of business.

What it does

The application allow users to add product to wishlist and also add to cart. The user have a profile page with all the wishlist items and order history.

How we built it

I created the frontend using JavaScript, React and TailwindCSS and for the backend I used Node, Express and Stepzen API.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into some challenges trying to send the api auth token through stepzen, but after some research I got it working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After so many hours of hard work, I’m proud to have a fully working application that can help many business problems.

What we learned

After working with Stepzen GraphQL I learned a easy way to add multiples API to a single endpoint.

What's next for Stepzen ProPet E-commerce

I will be adding Admin page so owners can upload their product to the e-commerce.

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