Inspired by multisig applications on Ethereum, we realized the importance of a smart contract based system, opposed to the native Hedera version, to maximize interaction and security with the new wave of dApps on Hedera. Infrastructure tooling along with apps that build value by inviting your friends is what will catalyze growth in Hedera.

What it does

Stepwallet is a smart contract based multisig-style wallet/vault which holds Hedera assets. It includes a chrome extension that notifies users when they need to approve transactions. Being smart contract-based, it'll be able to expand its usage to other smart contract-based applications.

How we built it

The stepwallet is built with solidity smart contracts which handle all the logic. All signature logic is stored on smart contract to be tracked and interacted with if necessary. For simplicity, there is no factory contract which would be the next step in the project. The UI is built in react and uses Hedera JS SDK to interact with the smart contract. It uses HCS to relay notifications to a topic that is subscribed to by a chrome extension to notify users that its time to approve a transaction.

Challenges we ran into

Big challenge we ran into was getting the chrome extension to get HCS messages. We were able to resolve it with having it connect to a backend server, but in future like to consolidate it all to the extension. Other challenge was mainly just working with smart contract calls in general since it required a learning curve to integrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of a working product with smart contract. From idea to build in quick hackathon fashion!

What we learned

Michael learned about building on Hedera and using its services like HCS. Hard part was working on how to get HCS calls to a chrome extension. Kent figured out how to integrate smart contracts on Hedera and not to skip .env files.

What's next for Stepwallet

Looking at integrating it with existing and new dApps on Hedera to expand its usage outside of just a vault. Improve robustness of the smart contract and finish the factory contract. Further in the future would be to expand the extension to a full blown wallet.

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