Although there are so many documentation tools nowadays, the problem that documentation is expected to be an exceptional boredom still exists. The idea is to make software process documentation within enterprises as simple as possible.

What it does

StepShot for Confluence plugin allows you to launch a desktop client application, that follows your actions in a background and create screenshots with textual descriptions on mouse clicks. When finished - a ready-to-share step-by-step guide can be automatically published back to the Confluence page.

How we built it

StepShot at the second consists of two parts - Java Confluence plugin and Windows desktop client (we have a cross-platform client prototype ready, but it's not yet fully functional). Desktop client allows you to capture a process in a form of step-by-step guide. Additionally - you can edit separate screenshots and annotate text descriptions for your steps. When you hit save - everything is pushed back to the Confluence.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of documentation. Examples are pretty scattered. Although we wanted also to publish this as a Jira add-on, we just couldn't do that quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've made the integration between desktop application and Confluence Server/Data Center just in a couple of days!

What we learned

It is possible to create integration in a very short period if you have enough of RedBull.

What's next for StepShot for Confluence

Cross Platform version of desktop client (supporting Win+Mac); Integration with Jira - our tool is really great for exploratory testing, because it catches all steps before the tested application crashes.

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