We wanted to help a group of people that don't usually get the support they need. Single parents are extremely busy and lack the time necessary to find the resources that are available online.

What it does

STEPS is a resource hub for single parents that solves their everyday needs. We filter resources based on location and then deliver only the results that match their query.

How we built it

STEPS is a flask app with a home page describing how the service is used, a mongodb for storing resources, and twilio integration to provide those resources to users. The business end of the application uses the Google maps api to filter resources based on location, and both the google natural language api and an LDA model to ensure resources match their query.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Internet connectivity
  2. Internet connectivity
  3. Internet connectivity
  4. Implementing even a simple semantic search is difficult, and separate filters must be implemented for every field we want to be able to filter on
  5. MongoDB took a little while to spin up and didn't support some of the features we thought it did

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From a technical standpoint, we're very happy with how nice the front-end looks and that the core functionality is in place. Beyond that, we are proud of what we've made and believe it has real potential to make a difference in the lives of single parents if we continue to develop it.

What we learned

We learned how to interact with a bunch of technologies we hadn't used before. We also learned chaining Yerba Mate, Monster, and coffee one after another is probably a bad idea. :^)

What's next for STEPS-resource-machine

Moving forward, we would like to polish up the current user interactions and then provide a way to interface with the data directly on the website.

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