Coming into this event i had little idea on what impact my person travel truly effects the environment. What is a Metric Ton of CO2. What are Fuel Burn Rates. This lead me into developing my idea of an application that can find flights, give you information about your CO2 consumption and ways to counterbalance and become "Carbon Neutral", leaving no carbon footprint.

What it does

Our application analysis flights for their route and aircraft information, let's you know your carbon footprint and gives you options to eliminate it.

How I built it

NodeJS, VueJS, Vuex JS, GCP, Google Map

Challenges I ran into

  • Solo Project
  • New To Software

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I got it working.

What I learned

  • Vuex is complicated, I need a better laptop because mine overheated twice from running two api's and one vue app simultaneously.

What's next for StepOff

  • Launch 2020? More Airline? More Options?

Built With

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