Inspiration: Alvin is a GENIUS!

What it does: Facilitates inter-office fitness competitions by automatically tracking Fitbit and Android pedometer information.

How we built it: We used the Firebase framework to store the data, facilitate communication between the database and front end, utilize the Fitbit and Android APIs, and deploy the app.

Challenges we ran into: Asynchronous task issues troubled us for a while. We also struggled between modulating the app verse consolidating the app to Firebase. There was also a roadblock in pulling the data from the Fitbit due to unclear API documentation

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We used a framework that was entirely new to us to create this app. We integrated two different pieces of hardware: Android and Fitbit. And Helen ate 4 slices of pizza in one sitting.

What we learned: We learned a lot about Firebase, learned some Javascript, learned about how to deal with Asynchronous tasks.

What's next for Stepic: Ability to add and modify teams and team members, sort teams by name or number of steps, create and overall leader board, and add other device integration.

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