StepUp! was inspired by the concept of gamification. By letting people compare their activity to others, they associate positive feelings with being active.

What it does

StepUp! shows you how active your friends were over a given period and motivates you to be more active by reminding you to go out for a run.

StepUp! measures your activity in two time periods: The morning (midnight-noon) and the evening (noon-midnight.) By having these distinct timeframes, people are able to experience more success (getting more steps than their friends did in that time) and associate more positive feelings with physical activity.

How we built it

StepUp! runs on a combination of Pebble C, PebbleKit JS and Python in the OpenShift cloud (RedHat's PaaS platform)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very happy about the friending system that StepUp! employs. Users can accept friend requests without needing to use their phone or an external web service.

What's next for Step Up!

StepUp! will be available in the Pebble App Store following the public release of firmware 3.9, which adds support for the Health API.

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posted an update

So. Everything (except for the config page, Kevin will need to do that) is under CC0 1.0, so basically in the public domain.

We'd appreciate if you keep remixes open source, but we're not going to force you to do so.

So have fun! (Contact me on if you want help with StepUp. :) )

You'll need to be running a beta firmware to use StepUp, but the public version of 3.9 should be out eventually, too.

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